• It Started

    Symeon’s Restaurant was started in 1973. Symeon and Ann Tsoupelis opened the first restaurant on Oneida Street in the City of Utica, close to the intersection of the Parkway. The restaurant sat almost 20 patrons! It was during this time that the Mohawk Valley got their first taste of Greek cuisine. While Symeon operated the restaurant, Ann was busy at home making all of the desserts, and raising a young family of four.

    In 1976, Symeon’s moved to Genesee Street in the village of New Hartford. At this location the dining area increased in size to accommodate 50 diners. The restaurant operated very successfully at this location until 1982. It was at this time that Symeon and Ann purchased the property on Commercial Drive in Yorkville, which was the former Riley’s Place and Goetz’s Diner.

  • Treating Our Customers

    With much hard work, treating customers like family, and consistently great food, Symeon’s continued to grow much larger than Symeon and Ann could ever have imagined. A few years after opening the Commercial Drive location, the first addition, a large dining room was added, which nearly doubled the size of the dining area. Three years later, a second addition expanded the dining area and the kitchen. The business continued to grow with the assistance of many wonderful employees, many of whom are still with Symeon’s today.

    In 1991, the last addition of our front dining room and lobby was added. During this time the restaurant experienced continued success. Along with all of the good fortune Symeon’s has had, we have experienced some sadness as well. In September of 2001, Ann Tsoupelis, the driving force behind the restaurant passed away. The following winter, February 2002, Symeon’s suffered a fire which closed the restaurant for four months. During the summer of 2002 Symeon’s reopened. Thanks to our loyal customers and wonderful staff, Symeon’s continues to be a local favorite.

  • We Invite You…

    We invite all of our established customers, as well as those who are new to Greek food, to join us for an adventure in Greek dining. We look forwarding to seeing all of you.